Caching, a successful technique in computer science that helped engineers speed up calculation processing can also be used in day-to-day life.

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We all have wardrobes full of clothes and still, we spend most of our time deciding what to wear. One of the ways to solve this is to group all the like…

Technology, AI & Jeff Bezos, Amazon

Jeff Bezos, inspired by the original series, came up with the idea of talking to a device, and the device talks back to you. He assembled a team and gave them 6 months to pull the product.

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Voice-based search is on rising and so far Amazon is killing over 40 million users (in 2018). This number is estimated to rise to 130 million by the end of 2025. Amazon Echo is used in about 70% of smart speakers. …

Programming React and Front-End Development

A detailed explanation of the fundamentals of React Component and how to use props and state to make a functioning app.

According to the official definition of Component in React:

Components let you split the UI into independent, reusable pieces and think about each piece in isolation.

Components can be treated as sections of the overall web page. The navbar, main content, footer, etc, all can be converted to individual components…

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

A philosophical reason behind not to buy Bitcoin

It is not financial advice. I myself have $57 worth of Etherium and maybe BTC 0.0019 locked in my PC because I forgot the password of my Bitcoin wallet. I bought these Bitcoins probably in 2016, just for fun, and didn’t bother to write down the password. …

React and JavaScript tutorial

Part 1: We will study how functional components work in React

React is the most famous library in JavaScript and its demand growing pretty rapidly in the last few years.

Environment Setup

We will be using the VS studio code editor and MAC operating system. If you are using any other operating system, for the most part, you won’t face any…

Python Tutorial on Web Development

Part 1: Serialization, Requests, and Response in DRF

To start a project, please type the following commands in the terminal ( please see my first tutorial on Django to initialize the virtual env and project setup ).

(env) Mac:back-end saran$ django-admin startproject ecom(env) Mac:back-end saran$ cd ecom/(env) Mac:ecom saran$ django-admin startapp home

Saranjeet Singh

I write tutorials on Python, JavaScript, React, and Django. I write for InPlainEnglish and TheStartUp .

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